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Bearsuit, Flight of the Conchords, Nik Freitas...


(all tracks from Oh:io released 25 March)

Space age riot twee noise pop from this six piece band out of Norwich, UK. This heap of brand-spanking-new shonky pop songs replete with glitter, knives, smiles, shouts & catchy choruses will make you feel happy, sad & slightly scared at the same time.

More Soul Than Wigan Casino [MP3]


Steven F***ing Spielberg [MP3]


Foxy Boxer [MP3]


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Flight of the Conchords

Ladies of the World [MP3]


Nik Freitas

All the Way Down [MP3] (from Sun Down releasing 6 May)



Sore [MP3]


American Princes

Real Love [MP3]


The Republic Tigers

Buildings and Mountains [MP3]


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