Becca Richardson - "Wanted" (video) (premiere)

Photo: Jasmine Archie

Becca Richardson's new song is an ethereal dreamscape of electropop and blues that fades the lines between surrealism, symbolism, and what is real.

"'Wanted' is about public image and the human gaze," says Becca Richardson of her latest single.

"For the video, I played with the idea of personifying the gaze into this antagonist who is haunting me and manipulating my image, restraining my body at times, putting their fingers on me and leaving a mark."

To be certain, the "Wanted" music video sees constant shifts between Richardson and her unnamed antagonist. It's an ethereal and ominous art-pop ensemble that fits snugly into the initial vibe put forth by the song.

Richardson rides a line between electronic and blues influences that you don't really hear about every day. She takes her uncanny melding of musical sentiments and applies them to themes of autonomy, of womanhood, and of accepting her own differences as one in seven billion.

If you like the art you are hearing and seeing in "Wanted", Becca Richardson's full-length LP, We Are Gathered Here will be released on 6 October.

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