Beechwood - "Heroin Honey" (audio) (premiere)

Photo: Nika De Carlo

Beechwood offers up a breezy slice of sweet pop in "Heroin Honey" from the upcoming album Songs From the Land of Nod.

At just under two minutes, Beechwood's "Heroin Honey" is a breezy slice of sweet pop that recalls the best moments of the Zombies and Beach Boys, adding elements of garage and light tinges of the psychedelic. The song is one of 10 (11 if you count a bonus CD cut) tracks on the group's upcoming album Songs From the Land of Nod out 26 January via Alive Natural Sound Records.

Drummer and vocalist Isa Tineo, who wrote the tune, is brief but straightforward in his recollection of the piece's origins. "It was a moment in time when I was overwhelmed with a new found love," Tineo recalls. "The double entendre of 'heroin honey' was very reflective of what love meant to two different people."

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