Bela Takes Chase - "Wonderlust" (video) (premiere)

The London singer-songwriter takes to the seaside in her gorgeous new video.

Directly inspired by fka twigs, the xx, and London Grammar, London artist Bela Takes Chase combines dark pop and electronic music in a creative, sumptuous way. She takes to the British seaside on her new video for her current single "Wonderlust", and it's a stunningly shot visual complement to the music.

"My new single 'Wonderlust' takes a look at the intertwining of dream states and reality and how both are essential for growth in decision making and moving on," she tells PopMatters. "So the video for 'Wonderlust' needed to be a visual expression of this idea. I love the use of water in the video, it indulges the idea of the dream state and how freely we move in it and at times how beautiful things can look through the mirrored reflection of water. The beach and the cliff tops are land, land is the reality. It’s hard and we can feel it beneath us. I love the way the video cuts between these two realms. I hope you enjoy it as much as I had fun making it!"

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