Bernard Purdie & Friends Are "Deep in Love" (premiere)

Photo courtesy of Bernard Purdie

Vocalist Mayteana Morales features on a new composition, "Deep in Love", co-written and performed by the influential funk drummer, Bernard "Pretty" Purdie.

Funk innovator Bernard Purdie may well be the most recorded drummer in history. He most certainly has a considerable number of credits and accolades under his belt to back the claim up. Settling down for his first studio album in almost a decade, "Pretty" Purdie and his pals are at it again with the forthcoming Cool Down, which is set for digital release on 18 May. On it, he partners with masterclass members of modern soul, funk, and jazz movements including Ivan Neville, Pete Shand, and Brian J. to create rich music with the sort of profound groove that you don't hear enough of in this day and age.

"Deep in Love" is one such tune from off of his upcoming album that will get listeners tapping their feet and grooving in no time. Featuring the consummate vocal stylings of Mayteana Morales, Purdie's contemporary composition brings some old-school R&B magic to the forefront. Callbacks to the 1960s soul scene—where Purdie also got his start 50 years ago with his first solo album Soul Drums—are inevitable, with nostalgia-rich rhythm and Morales' striking vocals taking a front seat.

Morales tells PopMatters, "Even though Brian J wrote the lyrics to the song, I still felt deeply connected to the sentiment and melody. So it was easy to sing it with love."

Cool Down is currently available for purchase in vinyl format. It will be released digitally on 18 May.

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