Best of the Moving Pixels Podcast: The Roles that We Don’t Want to Play

No new episode this week, I’m afraid. Due to a very bad WiFi connection and an inability to upload the latest episode, we are once again returning to our archives to bring you a classic episode of the podcast. We should have a new episode for you next week, though.

In the meantime, this is an episode in which we considered the sorts of characters that we find ourselves having a tough time getting into the role of in video games. Gaming offers players the chance to play heroes of all stripes, exciting men and women whose heroic fantasies allow us to save the ones we love, save the human race, save the world, and save the galaxy.

But not every game features a Lara Croft, Luke Skywalker, or a Batman to step into the shoes of. This episode we discuss some of the losers, anti-heroes, and just plain uninteresting characters of video games.

This episode includes regular Moving Pixels podcast contributors, G. Christopher Williams and Nick Dinicola, and is hosted by our former colleague, Rick Dakan..

This podcast is also available via Soundcloud.