Through "Seeds", Betsy Phillips Says Goodbye to a Lost Love (premiere)

Photo: Ashtin Paige

Nashville folk artist Betsy Phillips reflects on the emotional journey of a goodbye through the serene reflections of her latest single, "Seeds".

Born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, Betsy Phillips is humble when reflecting on her move to Nashville. She has previously stated that it was choice made based on another decision she had also set in stone–to write songs, and to write them well. Over time, Phillips has honed-in on a spacious serenity in her music that has its roots sown into her native prairies. Her crystalline folk comes together in the graceful, reflective presentation of her incoming EP, Like We're Talking. Before the successfully Kickstarter-funded album comes out on 3 May, Phillips is sharing its final single, "Seeds", with PopMatters.

"Seeds" finds its beauty in its sparseness, careful attention being paid to the folk artist's vocal delivery as its instrumental collective gradually builds around her. Never quite overpowering in its ascension, gorgeous guitar tones and subtle bass gently reverberate throughout the track as she looks back on love lost. On the tune, Phillips tells PopMatters, "'Seeds' originally came to me in pieces that I didn't realize fit together at the time. I was exploring the idea of still believing in love even after you've lost it–something I think everyone can relate to. The song never gives a reason for the ending of this relationship; it's simply about the emotional journey of a goodbye."

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