Bibio – “Cherry Blossom Road” (Singles Going Steady)

Innocence lasting one minute is what this is.

Paul Duffus: Alternative titles kicked around for this pretty little fairy’s burp of a track included “Snowy Kitten Tinkles”, “Silky Gossamer Dew”, and in a combination of the obvious and pretentious “Pretty Little Fairy Burp in A Minor”. This is an album opener, and given the character of “Cherry Blossom Road” and just how slight it is it’s perhaps unfair to consider it outside of that context. Either way, it is undeniably delightful background music for any activity lasting one minute and 27 seconds. [7/10]

Dustin Ragucos: Innocence lasting one minute is what this is. It’s the sound of life recorded on a camera with infinite battery, one with a malfunctioning fast-forward setting. Boards of Canada are foreign to me, yet I think Bibio’s sound is reminiscent of that group. [6/10]

John Garratt: As much as I admire Warp Records for plucking of oddities from the past for reissue, I have to wonder why they picked this little interlude on which to affix a video. Because it’s the first track? Is that all? [6/10]