Photo: Daisy Squires

Big Little Lions Roar for Millenials with “Our Turn” in Latest Nashville Session (premiere)

Americana duo Big Little Lions' latest Nashville Session premiere with PopMatters highlights "a battle cry for these brave kids" in trying times.

Wherein their previous performance of “Kind” was a gentle reminder that everything will be okay in the end, Big Little Lions presents “Our Turn” as a call to action. Inspired by younger generations full of individuals who might feel disenfranchised or like the world is against them, Helen Austin and Paul Otten’s latest Nashville Session premiere with PopMatters shifts dramatically in tone from their previous performances. As always, a dynamically-shot video enhances the feeling emanating from the performance—in this case, invigorating their audience with a jagged persistence. The duo’s live rendition of the song is the third of four videos set to be released in their PopMatters occupancy, and it is their fiercest effort yet.

On “Our Turn”, Austin tells us, “We originally wrote this for millennials who we felt were unfairly blamed for the world’s problems. When we were growing up, we had some security, like we could get a job that paid enough to live or we could afford to buy a house at some point, but these kids are having to fight every step of the way to educate themselves and feed themselves in this world of inequality. It was only after we released the album and were playing the tunes that we realized how poignant this was to what had just occurred in Florida at the time. We really felt like it was a battle cry for these brave kids. We really do hope that it is their turn and that they bring some sense to the world.”

On the Nashville Sessions at large, she says, “Jon Grimson took us to Mount Monkeymore studio, where we had Michael Esser set up the sound in a very cool-looking environment. It totally suited our style with our vintage suitcases and musical toys. We are very pleased that we were bailed on because we would never have met these guys otherwise.”

Otten adds, “I’ve been to Nashville many times over the years. The first was back in the mid ’90s. I always leave there inspired and a little humbled. The level of talent in that town is astounding! It is such a cool, eclectic city, and I always see something new when I visit.”