Big Words Cure Depression with Funk on "TTYDTM (Things That You Do to Me)" (premiere)

Photo: Vicious Buzz

Australia's Big Words combine funk, R&B, and pop into a delicious confection as one can hear on their latest single "TTYDTM (Things That You Do to Me)".

Big Words are an Australian group from Melbourne that combine funk, R&B, and pop into a delicious confection. The five-piece band is headed up by Will Scullin and Kieren Lee who write the music and set their aesthetic path. Big Words' latest track "TTYDTM (Things That You Do to Me)" has already been launched in their homeland, but now it's in the international arena where the world can hear it. Based on the fact that Big Words have already racked up five million Spotify streams, this latest earworm will go on to inflate that total.

The tune sports minimalistic beats that allow space in the song, which heightens the emotions and foregrounds the voice. Later, "TTYDTM" moves on to a funkier place with the dance elements raised and the grooves are deeper. In other words, it begins with melancholy and quiet and builds to bursting grooves that signal a breakthrough has been reached for the singer as his voice drops out entirely and the instrumentalists take over.

"The song refers to being afraid of your own self. Afraid of depression, afraid of the darker corners of your mind," explains frontman Will Scullin. "The song was inspired by the first day I woke up not feeling heartbroken anymore some time ago. Being alone cured my sadness and helped me appreciate myself and what I'm capable of more."

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