Bill Carter - "Recipe For Disaster" (audio) (premiere)

The veteran songwriter returns with a new solo album and a brand new track to hear.

Austin-based singer-songwriter Bill Carter has a long history as a composer in the music industry, having penned popular songs by the Fabulous Thunderbirds, Double Trouble, John Mayall, and Robert Palmer.

Carter is now set to release his new album Innocent Victims and Evil Companions on 26 February on Forty Below Records, which features a bevy of noteworthy guest appearances from the likes of Charlie Sexton and Denny Freeman (Dylan’s current and former, respectively) and David Holt (Joe Ely, the Mavericks, Storyville); drummer Dony Wynn (Robert Palmer, Charlie Mars); keyboardist Mike Thompson (the Eagles, together and solo); fiddler Richard Bowden (Maines Brothers, Austin Lounge Lizards); the Tosca String Quartet (everyone from David Byrne to the Dixie Chicks); and brass/woodwind player/string arranger John Mills.

And it just so happens you can hear the new track "Recipe For Disaster" below, which with its Warren Zevon-style narrative and wit, is an acerbic powerhouse.

“'Recipe for Disaster' is turmoil worldwide," he explains. "Chaotic indifference to mankind and nature in its pure form. In the 1960s a revolution started in the right direction but was soon sidetracked by money and greed, like a train going down the wrong track.”

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