Bird Concerns Create a "Monster" in an Ode to '70s Skateboard Films with a Zombie Twist (premiere)

Former CalArts students, Bird Concerns, is an LA-based band with a shared love of garage rock, tinged with an appreciation of the more traditional, colorful structures provided by jazz and classical music. Fusing these elements together, new single, "Monster", is a full-on sunny blast of fuzz guitars and tight four-part harmonies that'll take the chill off the coldest day.

"Monster" offers an interesting take on the standard garage rock formula by adding in a sprinkling of '60s psychedelic surf rock and coating it with the slacker vibe of Sebadoh. Similarly, Lyricist Marcus Buser possesses a Lou Barlow-esque ability to craft hummable hooks out of his anxieties and neurosis.

Rather aptly the dreamy '70s vibe is echoed in the video but with a distinct twist, as Buser explains. "Inspired by vintage horror, retro sci-fi, and skateboarding films, we aimed to create a terrifying and absurd odyssey. We wanted to show the juxtaposition of the sublime and the dark surrealism that exists on the streets of Los Angeles and within one's subconscious; the feeling that on any beautiful morning the monster may appear."

Musically, it's a song that grabs you with both hands, gives you a shake and then pulls you in for a hug. That is if the zombies don't get you first.

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