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Björk, Watermelon Slim...


Volta videocast - Part 1 [M4V]

Volta videocast - Part 2 [M4V]

Volta videocast - Part 3 [M4V]

Our favorite Icelandic pixie songstress is back with her sixth album. Volta is a grouchy affair, whether burning hot with big beats and booming vocals or brewing in a bad mood. Evaluated purely for its placement along her artistic trajectory, the record finds Björk successfully pushing into new realms, moving restlessly and relentlessly forward. As with 2004's Medúlla, however, the trails that she blazes are sometimes difficult for the listener to navigate. In case you hadn't noticed yet, Björk is out there. -- Michael Keefe, PopMatters review of Volta -- 7 May 2007

Watermelon Slim [PopMatters review]

The Wheel Man [MP3]


I've Got News [MP3]


Black Water [MP3]


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"Take a peak for yourself as to why The Wheel Man received six Blues Music Award nominations and won Mojo Magazine's Best Blues Album of the Year. He really is "King of the Blues"." -- Northern Blues [released 17 April 2007]

Benni Hemm Hemm

snjórjljóssnjór [MP3]


Fred Anderson & Hamid Drake

Planet E [MP3]


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