Black Orchid Empire Explores Love's Complications With "My Favourite Stanger" (premiere)

Jedd Beaudoin
Photo: Danny Sargent / Courtesy of Freeman Promotions

London outfit Black Orchid Empire celebrates melodic hard rock with radio-ready single, "My Favourite Stanger".

Black Orchid Empire returns with a video for the new track, "My Favourite Stranger", culled from the outfit's sophomore release, Yugen, out 25 May via Long Branch Records.

Black Orchid Empire's particular brand of melodic hard rock is built on the same kind of sturdy, uncompromising riffs and rhythms of '90s grunge or some of the less dark angles of Tool's best work. With loud, loud guitars that will inspire even the most mature among us to pick up the broomstick and rock out with abandon. Choruses worm their way into our memories and big, booming bass and drum passages that sound as though they're already being pounded out in the biggest concert halls available, Black Orchid Empire proves that rock 'n' roll is alive, well and living in the hands of gentlemen like this.

The trio calls London home and has, to date, traveled across Europe with numerous headlining gigs under their belt. There have been stops at the Camden Rocks Festival, Germany's Taubertal and Planet Rockstock to name a few. A UK tour with HED p.e. served as another milestone as did a coveted spot as Kerrang! Radio's track of the week with the single "God Is Awake." That tune appeared on the outfit's acclaimed debut album, Achetype.

The band's guitarist and vocalist, Paul Visser offered this about the video: "It has a different feel for us. We really wanted a clean, colorful approach rather than the darker, grittier look most of our other videos have. We found a cool new studio in Brixton under a railway arch, and Canty from Dark North did an awesome job once again. We had a great time jumping around to our own song while he worked his magic."

Visser, who's joined in the group by drummer Billy Freedom and bassist Dave Ferguson adds, "This song is about a friend of mine going through relationship hell. It's about two people that are talking their situation over, but too much ground has opened up between them even to understand each other anymore. They know each other inside and out but have ended up total strangers. Musically it's super fun to play. Dave's bass riff is just ridiculous."

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Jedd Beaudoin

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