With “How You Swallowed Your Anger”, Black Sea Dahu Rests in Solitude (premiere)

Indie folk band Black Sea Dahu tell the story of a heartbroken someone without any more love to give on "How You Swallowed Your Anger".

Fronted by Janine Cathrein, Zurich, Switzerland’s Black Sea Dahu has quickly become an indie folk band to watch. With a finger on the pulse of urban developments, they’ve made a name for themselves through their heartfelt, musical interpretations of the human consciousness. Black Sea Dahu’s previous LP, White Creatures, found acclaim for embracing complexities instead of shucking them. Continuing from White Creatures, and without sacrificing any of the cinematic nature of their songwriting and performance, “How You Swallowed Your Anger” leads the charge for the forthcoming release of Black Sea Dahu’s autumn EP, No Fire in the Sand.

Set amid a post-breakup landscape, the band tells the story of someone without any more love to give. Strengthened by Cathrein’s emotive vocal performance, Black Sea Dahu’s downhearted ballad strikes a familiar chord that may still be raw for many of us.

Of the song, Cathrein tells PopMatters, “It feels like whatever I call love or how I understand that it’s not real, or not real enough. Not enough love, sacrifice and commitment. I have shut myself off and lost faith and trust in myself, and love, because it has hurt me and others so many times. I have given up. It is the opener of a records about solitude, love, owning each other, desire, desperation, freedom and breaking up.”

“How You Swallowed Your Anger” will be available for purchase and streaming on 29 June, with a pre-save option available via Spotify.