Bloc Party - "The Love Within" (Singles Going Steady)

Wow, Bloc Party are still going, eh? It's hard to imagine anyone being into this.

Dustin Ragucos: When I saw the amount of dislikes regarding "The Love Within" video, I only assumed that Bloc Party might've gone experimental and that this turn wasn't easily palatable. This song isn't stripped down and naked. This is bare-boned. I expected more than this from the band that made "Helicopter". [3/10]

Kevin Korber: The beginning of this song is beautiful; the way Kele Okekere’s meshes with the slowly-swelling synthesizers is something to behold. Then it breaks into a fairly thin dance track. The chorus recaptures some of that initial magic, but I can’t shake that feeling that I’m listening to half of a song, even if that half is great. [6/10]

Paul Duffus: Wow, Bloc Party are still going, eh? It's hard to imagine anyone being into this, the irritating wonky synths and the kind of melody a four year old — not a bright four year old — would come up with if you handed them a Casio keyboard and told them to "make singsong". It's actually hard to imagine that the band themselves are into this. No-one's favourite song now or ever. [2/10]

John Garratt: The only thing keeping this song from getting incessant, around-the-clock airplay at your local Old Navy is the pitching-bending function on their keyboards. But even if that wasn't there, I would rather shop in silence all the same. [3/10]

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