Blood Orange – “With Him / Best to You / Better Numb” (Singles Going Steady)

Blood Orange brings us a kaleidoscopic sampler of audiovisual creations.

Adriane Pontecorvo: Blood Orange brings us a kaleidoscopic sampler of audiovisual creations, gliding from genre to genre with his masterfully creative eyes and ears. These are intriguing slices of musical cinema that feel deeply intimate and promise to envelop an audience. Their small segments tease rich, layered storytelling. Even setting visuals aside, this is good music, well-written and with smooth production. It might even make it worth buying into Tidal. [8/10]

Jordan Blum: The opening B&W pan of the woman is kind of interesting, and the way it cuts to the guy running implies a lot of subtext to interpret. It’s mysterious and makes me think of the trailer for an indie drama. Musically, there’s not much here to discuss since it’s only a minute long, but the soft vocals and horns remind me of Childish Gambino, which is never bad. I think I’d have to see and hear more to really rate it, but it’s got me intrigued as is. [7/10]

SCORE: 7.50

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