Bob Mould – “Voices in My Head” (Singles Going Steady)

"Voices in My Head" sees Bob Mould diving into deep soul-searching territory and it's full of zesty melodies and ardent noise.

Chris Pittaway: Not bound down to any explicit era or genre (besides “indie rock”), “Voices In My Head” sees Bob Mould diving into deep soul-searching territory. Soundtracking his paranoia are fuzzed-out guitars that occasionally erupt into understated solos. Mould can “play the victim, or get on with life instead”, but his weary vocals make the turmoil that much more poignant for the time being. [7/10]

Paul Duffus: A mini-capsule review is hardly an adequate forum to elaborate upon a figure like Bob Mould and his music in any satisfactory way, such is the stature of the man and his back catalogue. “Voices in My Head” is full of zesty melodies and ardent noise, everything you might expect from this most distinctive songwriter, singer, and guitarist. It’s a fine extension of the intelligent, fierce rock music he’s been recording for over 30 years. [10/10]

Jedd Beaudoin: This is as close as he’s come to doing something like the songs on his Body of Song album. He seems to do a great album followed by a good album, though he’s broken that streak with a couple of good ones lately. This seems to continue that pattern. But Bob Mould’s records will still melt all the others in your iTunes library. [7/10]

Steve Horowitz: The ’80s are over, Bob, and we got old. You struggle for your dignity. You are in loud pain. Still, you look clean and well-kempt. The man who once scolded those for keeping their heads in the clouds now finds solace in medicine and sleep. Whatever. The music follows the formula in a bright manner. The lyrics sound-bytable. The video noir. [6/10]

Chad Miller: The song has campy, familiar music, but that doesn’t diminish how pleasant it is. The guitar solo in the middle and at the end are really enjoyable, and they do a great job of spacing out the similar vocal melodies from each other. Overall, it’s an effective song about regaining control over yourself. Whether Mould’s control sticks or not really isn’t the point. Any victory is worthy of celebration. [7/10]

Eric Risch: Breaking no new ground here, Bob Mould revisits the melodies and guitar tones of Sugar’s Copper Blue. For those put off by the abrasiveness of Beaster, “Voices in My Head” is the single you’ve waited nearly a quarter-century to hear. [8/10]

Dami Solebo: Forgettable song, annoying voices with pubescent energy. There is little endearing about it. [3/10]

Bob Mould‘s new album Patch the Sky releases March 25th on Merge Records.

SCORE: 6.86