Bobby Hawk Keeps It Simple on "Salt and Liquor" (premiere)

Photo: Chelsea Clarke / Courtesy of Hearth Music

Americana artist, Bobby Hawk's "Salt and Liquor" is a sprawling reflection featuring "ten thousand violins and a tuned down guitar in an Irish pub as big as the Grand Canyon".

Bobby Hawk has been known to share the stage with talents like Abigail Washburn and Noam Pikelny. Now he's coming into his own with the impending release of his solo debut, Lights on Kinks Out. Following a significant breakup and with years of touring with notable acts under his belt, Hawk settled into a new artistic outlook. Hawk was invigorated to carve his path as a singer-songwriter. He recalls, "It sounds cliche, but it was the end of one of those relationships where you go, 'Screw it, I'm gonna go get a tattoo and buy a guitar.' These songs just started pouring out.

Hawk's plaintive, poignant baritone drives "Salt and Liquor" forward. "Keep it simple," Hawk croons across the song's refrain, emanating authenticity. Punctilious percussion and low-handed electric riffs help to round out the song while some impressive violin work takes the highs. It showcases Hawk's deft hand at writing songs that fit with his unique vocal delivery. The song makes for an almost meditative experience.

Recalling the production of "Salt and Liquor", Hawk says that it's "Ten thousand violins and a tuned down guitar in an Irish pub as big as the Grand Canyon. The snare drum is as big as Kansas and as sparse as a gas station when you're on empty."

"Salt and Liquor" is out on 16 October. Lights On Kinks Out releases on 1 November.

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