Bodywash Cleanse the Soul with "Reverie" (premiere)

Montréal dream poppers Bodywash offer up ambient layers of percussion and interdimensional waves of sonic bliss on "Reverie".

With the most ethereal of entrances, Montréal's own Bodywash have hit the scene upon the gentle gust of their newest label's energy. Soft strings punctuate ambient layers of percussion and interdimensional waves of sonic bliss. As the latest addition to Luminelle Recordings' roster, the dream pop quintet have their debut record in the works for late summer. Stay tuned and listen below.

The band tells PopMatters, "'Reverie' is a fever dream, literally. Chris Steward first started writing the song while delirious and weak from a high fever, couped up in a small, dark-walled rehearsal space. That sense of confinement made its way into the song, a mounting tension that gives way to a manic need for release. 'Reverie' wasn't meant to progress in a linear fashion, though it's anchored by a steady motorik beat. We expected there to be a chorus or refrain, but as it turned out, the song needed to just build to that breaking point - a kind of 'micro chorus' - in order to open itself up again. The track gestures towards hope for something new, even if that something is just a fantasy. Its frantic escapist bent erodes distinctions between real and surreal, subject and object. All that prevails is a desire to float to the surface - whatever that surface may be."

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