The Bombadils
Photo: Kaitlyn Raitz / Courtesy of the artist

The Bombadils Cherish Life’s Fleeting Moments on “Losing Track of Time” (premiere)

Halifax folk duo, the Bombadils feature picturesque songwriting and instrumentation. “Losing Track of Time” is a dreamy song exemplifying these strengths.

The Bombadils are Sarah Frank and Luke Fraser. The Halifax folk duo are well-regarded for their picturesque songwriting and instrumentation. “Losing Track of Time” is a dreamy cut exemplifying these strengths. Accompaniment from guest musicians Ellen Gibling and upright bassist Patrick Reid help develop the arrangement into a warm and full-bodied song. Alongside Frank’s ascending clawhammer banjo, Frasier’s descending guitar, and the duo’s collective vocal performance, they capture the intended effect of transporting an audience to another place.

This place is shared between strangers with a spark, illustrating a fleeting, connective moment that many will find relatable. “Losing Track of Time” is due out on 21 January and is the first single from the Bombadils’ upcoming full-length album, Dear Friend. The album is set for a late Spring 2022 release. “Losing Track of Time” was co-written by the Bombadils with Ben Plotnick.

The Bombadils tell PopMatters,” ‘Losing Track of Time’ transports us to the moment when stars align, guards come down, and we connect more deeply with someone than we ever knew we could. A spark of light within another’s heart is seen and felt even if only briefly. Though it may catch us by surprise – somehow, maybe we needed this experience to relieve us from the chaotic rush of our day-to-day lives. The moment is fleeting and we want to hang onto it before it slips away… we want to cherish the warmth, vulnerability, and gentle attentiveness between two strangers.”

“‘Losing Track of Time’ is the first single off of our forthcoming full-length album, Dear Friend. It’s our first full-length album release since we moved to Atlantic Canada and a launch into new parenthood, a new city, and a global pandemic. Recorded in North End Halifax with engineer Graeme Campbell between lockdowns and daycare pick-ups, Dear Friend is a series of love letters to family and friends, to strangers and neighbors, to cities and landscapes, and to each other.”