Photo: Michelle Waggoner

Bonnie Montgomery – “No More” (audio) (premiere)

Montgomery kicks off the new year with an empowering breakup song that'll get you dancing with its grooving country blues flair.

In recent times, country songwriting has seen something of a revival. Through the works of modern artists like Chris Stapleton, Miranda Lambert, Jason Isbell, Ashley Monroe, and Sturgill Simpson, we see a resurrection of quality lyricism and arrangements on the country circuit. Like Lambert, Arkansas native Bonnie Montgomery is making music that works to change that perception, proving that sometimes the best outlaws are female.

With “No More”, Montgomery showcases as much with a blues-infused stomper of a track. Primarily, it’s a scorching break-up track that embraces the power of individual purpose. Better yet, it’s one that’ll get you grooving while keeping you inspired to take life by the horns with your can-do spirit. It’s her in-your-face delivery that sells it, with some self-assured finesse tossed in for good measure.

“‘No More’ started as a break-up song in a traditional blues form,” says Montgomery. “It transformed into a barn-burning, foot stomping power anthem proclaiming the grit, grace, sexiness and independence that comes with being an honest artist. The song grooves with a swagger that comes from reinventing your identity after a break-up, and reclaiming the power of artistry from within.”

“No More” is one of many tracks that will be present on Montgomery’s upcoming second album, Forever. It’s another collection of country, folk, and bluegrass-inspired tunes from the singer-songwriter. On it, she wholly embraces her identity as she does here, through the good and bad. In the midst of it all, she pays homage to her experiences on the road and with West Texas in stunningly authentic, honest-to-goodness songwriting reminiscent of the old country greats.

Forever releases on 16 February 2018.