BONOMO: Phases

Photo: Chichi Agbim

Elegance for the ears to behold, bred as much by folk as it is interpretive jazz and gospel.



Label: Self-released
US Release Date: 2017-02-19
UK Release Date: 2017-02-19

Not unlike the Pan paniscus of nearly the same name, BONOMO credits itself as being a unique member of a densely-populated species. Except, instead of donning exceptionally long legs and captivating tail tufts as its primary features, BONOMO would rather showcase its artful, alternative take on modern folk music that involves undertones of jazz and R&B to craft an individualized soundscape for listeners to explore. Not unlike the "new-grass" movement on the opposite end of alternative roots tunes, the alternative folk movement has been capitulated by such forces as Andrew Bird and Mother Falcon, maintaining a knack for compelling home-bound storytelling both lyrically and vocally. In a slew of other ways, though, this is wholly innovative folk, instrumentally made-over to reflect the art of modern times.

Accompanied by a hypnotic and moving video showcasing a broad mélange of faces from across New York City, their latest single “Water” encapsulates the calculating artfulness of the band in eloquent fashion. Across the entirety of their record, Phases, BONOMO carefully creates new and exciting musical atmospheres for listeners to uncover layer by layer, similar in fashion to such experimental performances as those produced by the Punch Brothers’ Chris Thile. The end result is elegance for the ears to behold -- something truly captivating, bred as much by folk as it is interpretive jazz and gospel, accentuated by rollicking keys, drums, upright bass and both electric and acoustic guitars.

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