BONZIE - "Crescent" (video) (premiere)

BONZIE deals with dualities in the arresting new video from sophomore album Zone on Nine.

"I love the contrast between chaos and stillness," says Nina Ferraro, the artist behind BONZIE, "and how those two things can exist in the same place." Premiering today on PopMatters, BONZIE's brand new video for track "Crescent" from sophomore LP Zone on Nine captivates as it studies that tremendous dichotomy.

Chicago-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ferraro recorded "Crescent" in London with Ali Chant and Adrian Utley of Portishead. It makes for an audiovisual experience of fascinating extremes: glaring lights and total darkness, acoustic notes and electric edge, a lone woman and a vast array of machine parts. "I'm wearing only bodypaint in the 'Crescent' video," notes Ferraro. "It took three people nine hours to suit me in paint!" Clad only in said paint, she aims unwavering stares that are as intense as her uncanny voice, which moves easily from calm and controlled to a wild high at the song's climax. She is at once cerebral and raw, the stormy human experience embodied in song.

A performer since the age of 12, Ferraro is already a seasoned professional at 21. Self-released debut album Rift into the Secret of Things was a ferociously personal showcase of her well-honed skill, and Zone on Nine takes her to a new level, one unbound by conventions of genre. BONZIE growls, soothes, and laments with tremendous range on her new record, exploring a universe of sound without hesitation. While her approach from track to track varies greatly, one thing is constant: BONZIE never holds back.

"Crescent" is one of the Zone on Nine's most commanding tracks, proof positive of BONZIE's creative mind and breathtaking abilities. "Filmmaker RobisRob shot me in London and did an incredible job creating the world," notes Ferraro. "'Crescent', the song, was also recorded in London, so it was fitting. I hope that the audience will pick up on the meaning behind this video." There's no denying the video's depth. Surreal imagery and sonic power make for a dynamic start to a rich album, and the confidence in Ferraro's countenance tell us we've only begun to scratch the surface of what she can do.

Zone on Nine is available for purchase now.

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