Joining ANTI-, Boy Scouts Drop New Music Video for "Get Well Soon" (premiere)

Photo: Ulysses Ortega

After years of cutting her teeth in the Bay Area indie scene, folk-pop artist Boy Scouts joins ANTI-Records, releasing a new music video and announcing a new album, Free Company.

Under the Boy Scouts moniker, Taylor Vick has been floating around the Bay Area indie scene for years now, having become something of a local favorite. Following those hard-working years of developing her wistful folk-pop sound, Boy Scouts is now signing to ANTI-, with a new album, Free Company, due out on 30 August. Recorded and produced entirely by minimalist pop maestro Stephen Steinbrink, Vick's music comes to in crystalline, fully-realized light. Predating the forthcoming album release, PopMatters is premiering the first single—and accompanying music video—from Free Company.

The breeziness that Vick approaches Boy Scouts' "Get Well Soon" is trademark to her infectious sound. Dreamlike melodies meet crisp, straight-shooting production to develop a classic vibe throughout. On the one hand, Boy Scouts fits nicely within a plane previously traversed by songwriters like Elliott Smith and Phoebe Bridgers. On the other, Vick moves forward with her earnest songwriting and performance quality that is wholly and distinctively herself, and never has it been more evident than in her latest. All of this is further accentuated in the sweet ironies of its music video, directed and produced by Ramez Silyan.

Free Company is available for pre-order now. Boy Scouts will also be headed on a tour with Jay Som from September through November, beginning on 11 September in Phoenix, Arizona at the Rebel Lounge. For a full list of dates, visit Boy Scouts' website.

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