Breaking Laces: astronomy is my life, but i love you

Breaking Laces
Astronomy is My Life, But I Love You
Meeka Salise

The bio for Brooklyn trio Breaking Laces dares, literally, the listener or critic to peg the band’s sound. Perhaps this is with good reason as the band’s sound provides few immediate reference points; however, no matter which artists the group can or cannot be compared to, this six song EP offers much in the way of intelligent, melodic indie pop/rock. The band’s songs are well-crafted and cleverly articulate thoughts on relationships, religion and regret. The project’s best track is its first, the title cut, a satisfying shuffle which deserves significant play. Allowing acoustic instruments and folk rock textures to guide tracks like “Bad Believer” and “Holy Suburban Dividing Lines” adds color and shade to the album; the former has a funky beat and challenges the current climate of American Christianity while the latter is propelled by the quality of its melody and supporting vocal harmonies. The disc’s only ill-advised moments come on “What You Can’t Take Away”, with its melodramatic drive and piercing vocals, the song belies the nuanced sensibilities which grace the rest of the album.

RATING 6 / 10