Photo: Sebastion Vargas

The Breaking Pattern – “Shadow of the Moon” (video) (premiere)

The rising Arizona emo group capture the picturesque beauty of their state's natural landscapes as a story of love-struck fantasy unfolds.

When it comes to the emo revival, few might suspect it would have its roots planted in the desert. Thanks to the efforts of Phoenix’s the Breaking Pattern, though, that just might come to be the case. All of the flavors of the original recipe movement are there with them, from sinewy, reflective lyricism, to unbridled vocal deliveries, and ambient, guitar-driven arrangements to propel their sound forward.

In just a couple of short years, the band, fronted by Derek Hackman, built an impressive grassroots following both throughout Arizona and social media has brought them the attention of several prolific names in the pop-rock scene. Their newest effort, an EP by the name of …and Suddenly Nothing Becomes Everything, was produced by Arizona up-and-comer Hiram Hernandez, mixed by Justin Hergett (Lady Gaga, Nick Jonas), and mastered by Joe LaPorta (Imagine Dragons, X-Ambassadors).

While they now seem to have everything they need to start their ascent towards bigger stages countrywide, the Breaking Pattern aren’t forgetting their Arizona roots. As much is noticeable in their latest music video, an accompaniment for …and Suddenly Nothing Becomes Everything‘s “Shadow of the Moon”. In it, the band performs out amongst the picturesque beauty of their state’s natural landscapes while a story unfolds.

Hackman says, “Daydreaming is my default state of mind. When coming up with the idea of this video, the band stumbled on this beautiful field in northern Arizona that looked straight out of a dream. We knew instantly we wanted to shoot in this field, so we grabbed some cameras and drones and went to work.”

“While the song is about adopting the style and mannerisms of your lover, the video is about the fantasies we live out when we first encounter someone that piques our interest. The story of the video takes place inside this fantasy while the song warns of the danger in putting other people on such grand pedestals.”