Photo: Hayley Altman

Brett Altman’s “Alone on Saturday Night” Celebrates the Quiet Moments (premiere)

New Jersey singer-songwriter Brett Altman's "Alone on Saturday Night" is a triumphant acoustic pop tune that finds peace in solitude.

Since releasing “Vacancy Signs” in 2018, Brett Altman has been at work cultivating his craft and musical community. A member of the New Jersey songwriters’ scene, the folk-pop artist is picking up steam with his smooth vocals and sweet, accessible music. As victorious as his new single, “Alone on Saturday Night”, sounds, the acoustic pick-me-up isn’t any sweeping call for togetherness as anthems often are. Rather, it’s a celebration of isolation for Altman—a timely one, too, given its 9 May release date. His delivery of the tune is refreshingly wholesome, reflecting on a particularly meditative moment from a couple of years back.

Altman tells PopMatters, “‘Alone on Saturday Night’ is about being at peace while in solitude. I’m the type of person who keeps a full calendar year-round. I do this because I love people and fear missing out on memorable experiences. This fear has influenced my decisions for many years. However, in late 2018, I began spending more weekends by myself and soon realized that I enjoyed this lifestyle change. Don’t get me wrong. I still love being out with friends. However, I have learned to embrace the quiet moments and benefits they bring. Given the unfortunate circumstances we are in today, I hope this song can provide comfort to those feeling alone in these uncertain times. Being alone doesn’t have to be lonely.”

“Quite literally, ‘Alone on Saturday Night’ is a direct retelling of one Saturday night I spent in my apartment in Fall 2018. I opted to stay home, immediately regretting my decision when it seemed like the entire town of Hoboken was out partying. I picked up my guitar as a distraction and quickly stumbled upon the chorus lyrics and melody. A few days later, I began working with Max Perkins, my friend/producer/co-writer, to expand upon the idea. Due to our schedules, we couldn’t sit down to finish the song together for another four months. I remember waiting very impatiently to finish this one because I knew how impactful it could be. In the end, it was worth the wait.”

Altman continues, “‘Alone on Saturday Night’ is the first single off my upcoming acoustic EP titled Low Overhead. We took a less is more approach to the recording process, focusing on my raw vocals and acoustic guitar. We fast-tracked the project to finish recording before social distancing went into full effect. The plan was to release my EP at Rockwood Music Hall in New York City on 9 May. However, when life changes, we have to adapt. I have now partnered with Rockwood to conduct the 9 May show virtually at 8:00pm (ET) on Instagram and Facebook Live, which I am very excited about. The 9 May show will celebrate the ‘Alone on Saturday Night’ release, with follow-up shows promoting additional singles from the EP.”