Brian Newman - "Sunday in New York" (audio) (premiere)

Photo courtesy of Verve Records

Lady Gaga bandleader Brian Newman steps out for a solo turn on the classic number "Sunday in New York" ahead of a club tour.

New York jazz man Brian Newman keeps swing alive with his ensemble and he's worked extensively with Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett, including stints as Gaga's bandleader. Now Newman is set to step out on his own for a solo album releasing this fall and a short tour beginning tomorrow and hitting New York, Chicago, Boston, and Philadelphia. Newman can sure blow some trumpet with strong melodicism and his voice is a snappy, rhythmic croon, ideal for swinging jazz pop. By way of introduction to his sound, Newman revisits a classic in "Sunday in New York", a tune popularized by Bobby Darin, Mel Torme, and Mabel Mercer among others.

Newman says, "to me 'Sunday in New York' embodies all the classic vibes of New York City and the Great American Songbook. We wanted to capture those feelings and meld the timeless lyrics with the arrangement to make it our own. This truly American music is accessible to all people and it is important not only to preserve the tradition but to push it further ahead."

Meanwhile, Newman's four upcoming tour dates coincide with Lady Gaga’s world tour dates, so fans can catch his club shows after the Gaga events.


August 25 - House of Blues - Chicago, IL

August 28/29 - Manderly Bar/ McKittrick Hotel - New York NY

September 1/2 - House of Blues - Boston, MA

September 10/11 - MilkBoy - Philadelphia, PA

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