Brooke Waggoner - "Widow Maker" (audio) (premiere)

Photo by Heidi Rose

The former backing musician for Jack White returns with her fifth solo album.

Singer-songwriter Brooke Waggoner is set to release her fifth album Sweven on 15 January, and has just put out the manic little art-pop tune "Widow Maker", which you can hear below.

"'Widow Maker' was written early one morning after a 6 a.m. coffee stop at my favorite local shop for all-things-caffeine," she tells PopMatters. "It was still dark outside, a favorite song by the Animals came on, and then I got a text from a close friend telling me her husband was having heart problems. So I went home & wrote 'Widow Maker' -- a jab at the frustration of our bodies breaking down and failing when it seems we need them most for those we love."

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