Brooklyn Funk Essentials Go Space Age on "Funk Ain't Ova" (premiere)

Photo: Andrea Davis Kronlund

Brooklyn Funk Essentials take partying to intergalactic levels in a video both space-age and retro for "Funk Ain't Ova".

Whether covering Pharaoh Sanders, dabbling in Turkish folk sounds, or keeping it classic, Brooklyn Funk Essentials never lets itself or its audience down. With a diverse range of influences and a stable, soulful core, the project always knows how to keep the party rolling. In the new video for "Funk Ain't Ova", they take said party into deep space - and never stop dancing. As the band puts it, this is "a tribute to all things space-funk, from Sun Ra to the Funkadelic Mothership, from Star Trek to Stargard, from Stephen Hawking to Steven Wright."

These intergalactic influences manifest in a multiplicity of ways, from shots of the track's lead vocalist Alison Limerick in androgynous alien wardrobe to retro computer renderings of circular spacecraft. It was animated by a friend of the band Martti Ekstrand, and includes "some goodies from public domain sci-fi movies", making for a result as gloriously campy as such a description suggests. In between, self-shot and edited video of the collective dancing "in the moonscape desert of Lanzarote" speaks to a successful touchdown and a flow so strong, it stretches out into the stars.

Musically, "Funk Ain't Ova" demonstrates its titular point brilliantly, with infectious, synth-heavy grooves at the forefront and psychedelic questions for the cosmos embedded in its lyrics ("Is space nocturnal / What's the speed of dark?"). Limerick sings alongside fellow Londoner Desmond Foster, their voices lithe, warm, and just right for Lati Kronlund's and Iwan VanHetten's catchy beats. "Moog in the sky / Rhodes in the dirt / Everybody moves / Nobody gets hurt," sings the group. It's hard to imagine a better time.

"Funk Ain't Ova" comes from Stay Good, out now via Dorado Records.

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