Bruce Hornsby and the Noisemakers - "Over the Rise" (ft. Justin Vernon) (video) (premiere)

Bruce Hornsby's new song/video draws as much from the northern folk of Bon Iver as it does from the soul of deep Appalachia.

Is there anything more troubadour-folk than a gentle flyover of a verdant mountain? After all, there’s something distinctly Planet Earthy about luminescent dulcimer and gently rolling drums. Bruce Hornsby understands this well — he’d better, given the three-decade length of his career — and with this knowledge concocts a perfectly fitting video for his lilting “Over the Rise". The song draws as much from the northern folk of Bon Iver (and, fittingly, Justin Vernon lends his talents to the tune) as it does from the soul of deep Appalachia, and the birds-eye perspective of the video mirrors the scope of the music.

“On the dulcimer, I love the limited palette that you’re allowed to paint with,” says Hornsby. “ It’s just the white notes – it’s not even like a guitar, where the whole chromatic scale is on the fretboard. On the dulcimer, it’s just an old-timey instrument. It’s just scalar. So it limits your range and it makes you write real simple songs.”

Rehab Reunion released on June 17th via 429 Records.

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