Matt Bruno: Punch & Beauty

Matt Bruno
Punch & Beauty

This is a reissue from the people who brought you one of the best CDs of last year in June and the Exit Wounds: a little more Haven Hamilton please. Parasol has exemplary taste. They do not put out bad recordings, and this is no exception. All the great influences are present here from The Beatles to The Byrds to the radio pop of the ’60s and ’70s.

This is not to imply that Matt Bruno’s work is derivative, however. Bruno writes heartfelt music. As Nick Tosches chides in his latest book: “it’s a dainty, moribund and demure sounding word.” But it fits sometimes. Especially in Bruno’s case. Read the beautiful lyrics on “That Someone”:

All you’ve known, you hide where it won’t show, Your heart no longer grows with every breath you breathe So let me be that someone who can be The one that sets you free That someone that you need

A passionate image set to a nice chorus. There will always be a place in popular music for sincere lyrics with nice melody. Bruno is off the charts here. Other highlight tracks are “Pin-Up Girl” and “I Wanna Be Beautiful,” both classic pop. “That Someone” is good enough alone to warrant buying the CD.

You could buy the whole Parasol catalog, and improve your CD collection immensely. You can start with this CD.