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Brux Reverses the Roles on Thumping New Single "I'm Back" (premiere)

Photo Courtesy of the artist

Australian producer Brux debuts a booming, dance floor banger that cleverly flips the idea of female objectification in music on its head.

Australian producer, Brux, releases her debut track "I'm Back", a booming, dancefloor banger that cleverly flips the idea of female objectification in music on its head, as she explains:

"I wanted to create a bold, playful track that has a serious undertone of role reversal - a woman sexualizing a man explicitly instead of the reverse which is all too common."

To that end, Brux revels in the tongue in cheek sexiness of her playful, pitched vocals. Framed by the pounding, ripple of drums and jolts of bone-shakingly intense bass it rides a relatively minimalist wave until buckling and bending into a full-throttle club, thumper.

Below, Brux gives the low down on herself and on the track.

What was the first album you fell head over heels in love with?

Joni Mitchell's Blue. A true obsession that was a pivotal moment in my writing and youth.

What were you initial memories of electronic music and how did you get into it?

At the age of eight, sitting next to my older sibling watching him make dance music and dj'ing vinyl. That was the spark.

How did you start making music for yourself?

I've been writing since the age of nine or ten. In high school I taught myself garage band and began to record my songs. I then moved onto Ableton Live after high school and kept developing my production.

What equipment did you use initially?

Garageband and acoustic guitar.

Was it easy for you to let people hear your first compositions?

Yes, I was strangely never shy to show people what I had created even though I'm shy by nature (outside of music).

What's your go to piece of equipment at the moment?

My OP-1.

Was there one key musical idea that started the whole process off?

I really wanted to rap and pitch my voice so I combined the two ideas and the track came to life.

Sonically, it's a rich, complex track. Did it come quickly or take more time to mould and shape?

Honestly, I finished this within an hour. It flowed out so quickly I barely felt conscious during the writing of it.

What's your preferred way of working? Quick bursts or long stints?

Definitely quick bursts. It's when the best ideas come because I don't over think and just let the music pass through me.

Can you always find the sound that's in your head? how easy is that?

Most of the time, yes I can. The only thing I find difficult is nailing certain synth sounds I have in my head because of limited gear in my studio and I try not to use software as much as I can help it.

Who is your go to quality controller? Who do you look to to give honest feedback?

It's actually my father. He is always honest (sometimes brutal, but it's good to hear) and he has good taste. He's my canary in the mine.

What's next? Is there an EP or LP in the works?

A whole bunch of more exciting stay tuned

Finally, who would your dream collaborator be?

The Chemical Brothers!

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