The Buttertones - "Baby C4" (premiere)

Photo: Yudo Kurita

The first single from the Buttertone's latest album, Midnight in a Moonless Dream, is a blast of fresh plastic.

Midnight in a Moonless Dream will be the fourth studio album for Los Angeles band the Buttertones when it comes out 4 May on Innovative Leisure. Their chops may already be well seasoned but the young quintet play with a fervent hunger, as anyone who has caught them on their current tour -- which runs through this month in the US, including appearances at Coachella, and next month in Europe -- can attest to.

"Baby C4" is the lead single from Midnight in a Moonless Dream, an exploding plastic inevitable of derailing vibrations and vintage detailing. The song introduces itself with almost industrial strength pounding and a chaotically tumbling piano, and gels into something akin to James Chance and the Contortions covering the Clash covering "Brand New Cadillac", flecked with strychnine and embers of great balls of fire.


4/13/18 Indio, CA - Coachella

4/17/18 San Francisco, CA - Slims

4/20/18 Indio, CA - Coachella

5/16/18 London, UK - Moth Club

5/18/18 Paris, FR - Gonzai Night @ La Maroquinerie

5/19/18 Saint-Brieuc, FR - Art Rock Festival

5/23/18 Berlin, DE - FluxFM Bergfest @ Flux Bau

5/24/18 Aarhus, DK - Tape

5/25/18 Copenhagen, DK - Huset-KBH

5/26/18 Hamburg, DE - Motorbooty Party @ Molotow

5/27/18 Rotterdam, NL - V11

5/29/18 Ostend, BE - Cafe de Zwerver

5/30/18 Lausanne, CH - Le Romandie

5/31/18 Basel, CH - Erster Stock

6/02/18 Nimes, FR - This Is Not A Love Song Festival

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