Photo: Warrick Beyers

C Duncan – “Do I Hear” (video) (premiere)

Mercury Prize nominated C Duncan returns with a new album of more stunning, classically influenced songs.

Classically trained Scottish musician and composer C Duncan creates gorgeous, dreamy soundscapes that are carefully crafted one layer at a time in his home studio. Growing up the son of two musicians, Duncan excelled at music from an early age and eventually attended the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland where he focused on composition. That training lends Duncan’s music a harmonic complexity and tonal richness that complements the gentle electronics and acoustic elements. Duncan’s latest album, The Midnight Sun, released last Friday and it ups the electronic elements, as well as contains the deliciously, dreamy song we’re sharing with you today, “Do I Hear”.

Duncan says, “the session was filmed in Glasgow by Helen Plumb and Ben Cox. Cottiers is one of my favourite venues in the west end of Glasgow and it is very under used which is why I chose it as the location for the session. It’s a beautiful old church that has been converted into a bar, restaurant and venue. ‘Do I Hear’ is a reworking of a song that I wrote for soprano and voice a couple of years ago. I had always wanted to do something else with it so I recorded it myself and it fits the style of the new album. It is basically about being yourself and coping with and embracing your quirks, sexuality and general character. I was in a new relationship when I wrote the lyrics which are about reigning myself in and adapting to a new life with someone else, without losing my own identity or principals.”