Cafeneon: Cafeneon

Another year, another fine post-slacker indie rock record from the studio of techno kingpin Cristian Vogel.



Label: Station 55
Canada release date: 2008-04-03
US Release Date: 2008-04-15
UK Release Date: 2008-04-14

In 2007, techno guru and world-renowned remixer Cristian Vogel struck out into the rock realm with the post-slacker Night of the Brain, on which he provided lead vocals and production. Never one to go half-hearted into anything, he entertained a demo earlier in the year that would lead to another band entering his Station 55 studio. The eponymous debut from the Brussels based Cafeneon spreads Vogel's lovingly dispassionate slacker rock aesthetic into 2008, and gloriously so.

Male/female French vocals, self-centered guitars, and a smattering of mood-setting electronics all float over a base of Josef K or Television-style new wave driven by a punchy rhythm section and stabbing guitars with hints of '80s downtempo. It's like Gainsbourg and Bardot reimagined in the 21st century with a little serious Stereolab for flavor. Considering their influences, Cafeneon's sound should appeal to a wider range of people than the Night of the Brain debut, while containing enough hipster moodiness and swagger to build on the fan base already in place. Top form as always, Mr. Vogel.

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