Calan Mai Rejoices That "We've Got Love" Again (premiere)

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Calan Mai released an acoustic demo of "We've Got Love" in 2014. It's been recorded again and given a more dynamic quality.

We Got Love
Calan Mai

2 March 2018

Folk-pop singer-songwriter Jordan Lawrence hails from Queensland, Australia, but he calls himself Calan Mai after the Welsh holiday that celebrates the beginning of spring, May Day. He offers a sunny take on the foibles of life on his latest single, an updated version of his self-penned "We've Got Love". He reminisces about his youthful days; his hopes and dreams and disappointments from the perspective of one who knows the best is yet to come.

An acoustic demo of this song released in 2014 found its way on the air on BBC and US college radio. Now with the help of producer Chris Coady (Beach House, Future Islands) a more dynamic version has been recorded that offers a stronger and more vibrant backbeat. It's cleaner, but it still retains its shaggy vibe.

The now 27-year-old Lawrence understands that he is lucky to be who he is because of those who have helped him live and grow. He says the song is "about my family and all the heartache, addictions and misjudgments affecting them. It's also about me—how lucky I am to be loved by people who are struggling to love themselves. I love them for who they are and hope my acceptance is enough to save them." This may seem sappy, but he sings "We've Got Love" in a cheerful voice that conveys a hopeful attitude more than a sentimental one. The people in our lives may not be perfect, but that's no reason not to be positive about our relationships.

"We've Got Love" expresses these sentiments over a rollicking tune that bounces with enthusiasm. Lawrence vigorously strums his guitar in a way that evokes early Bob Dylan, who he name checks in the song. Calan Mai doesn't look back. The new release suggests he's reveling in the present moment. He's not preaching; he's rejoicing.

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