Cale and the Gravity Well Pokes at Surface with "Zambia" (premiere)

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New single from from sophomore release, Creation Myths, speaks to New York City band's growth.

Cale and the Gravity Well return with "Zambia", another track culled from the outfit's sophomore release, Creation Myths. Formed by Cale Bonderman, principal songwriter, Cale and the Gravity Well call New York City home. Bonderman cut his teeth in the coffeehouses and musical theaters of his native Colorado, then adapted those influences to his Big Apple-based project. With a knack for quiet, understated lyrics that appeal to the listener's sense of both the familiar and exotic, Bonderman populates not only "Zambia" but the rest of creation myths with people and places we want to know more about.

Teaming up with Jim Fairchild (Modest Mouse) and Mike Cresswell (Sun Kil Moon), the group has stumbled upon some of its strongest material to date. As for "Zambia" itself, Bonderman offers this: "It's a song about facades. The subtle ways in which we lie to ourselves, about ourselves. How the image in the mind is always richer and more enticing than the image at hand. And we wanted to keep these themes in the music video. If I do say so myself, it looks good. But of course, it's supposed to! A music video is also supposed to entice. The lighting, the acting, the props and sets; but that's all they are, props and sets. Nothing in this video was actually permanent, nothing 'real' happens here. But we do it all the same. Welcome to Zambia."

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