Photo: Maxine Bowen / Courtesy of Mora May Agency

CALICA’s “Letting Go” Is a Swirl of Glittery Laid-back Disco

Los Angeles-based electropop artist CALICA finds an intoxicating groove for fickle seasonal romances with her new single “Letting Go”.

With Dua Lipa at its helm, the disco revival continues in all its variations. For CALICA, that means less 1970s strings and stiletto-ready drama and something more shimmering, diaphanous. On “Letting Go”, the Miami-raised, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter spins her fickle heart into a slice of indie electropop as light and glittery as a New Year’s Eve party streamer. Synths blip and whizz like champagne bubbles while backing “ahhs” glitch, fade in and out in a tipsy blur of reverb. 

The countdown, though, is for a new lover, a romance with an expiry date: “You know exactly how long you have me.” Perhaps it’s a seasonal fling who wants more than a no-strings-attached agreement, the breezy and flirtatious threatening to become intimate and devastating by summer’s end. But whatever happens at the relationship’s end, CALICA swirls around in the intoxicating laid-back groove of now and not knowing.

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