Calico - 'Calico' (EP stream) (premiere)

The UK band blends jazz, rock, and electronic with impressive discipline on their new EP.

Blending jazz, math rock, progressive rock, electronic, and aspects of classical music, Brighton instrumental band Calico come across as a combination of Jaga Jazzist and Battles, but with enough of a contemplative quality that keeps the music reined in. Discipline in such a stylistically diverse young band is a rarity, but Calico pull if off with aplomb on their new EP.

The biggest revelation on the record, though, is the stunning reworking of the track "Euphorism" featuring lead vocals by Beth Cannon. It's an astonishing turn, in which the nerdy boys' club is invaded by a dominant, seductive voice, and the track oozes sex as a result. Which considering the relative stiffness of math rock, it a very, very refreshing change. As strong as the entire EP is, we can only hope this collaboration will continue. It's too good not to.

The Calico EP is out now, and can be purchased via Bandcamp.

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