Camera Stuns with Psychedelic Phantasmagoria in "Patrouille Pt. 1" (premiere)

Photo courtesy of Forced Exposure

For the first time in six years, Camera is a quintet. The newly-formed five-piece break free of krautrock's confines to deliver something substantially more avant-garde.

At the beginning, Camera were well-known and loved for their guerilla-style impromptu performances throughout the streets of Berlin. Six years after jump-starting their careers as "Krautrock Guerillas" and multiple iterations later, the progressive group are now at the precipice of releasing their fourth full-length album. Perhaps at Camera's center is Michael Drummer, the only member to have remained with the band throughout all of its varying lineups. Joined by the likes of Steffen Kahles, Michel Collet, Andreas Miranda, and Timm Brockmann, Camera is a quintet for the first time with the impending release of Emotional Detox come 16 November via Bureau B.

Liberated from the confines of their krautrock origins, Camera now explore a more psychedelic approach of vibrating synths and progressivist instrumentation. Such is the case from top to bottom with their new release, "Patrouille Pt. 1". The first movement of a two-piece composition, the scintillating instrumental captivates with its undulating rhythms alongside the continuously intensifying nature of the arrangement. Visually, Camera stuns with the flashes of its spacey, phantasmagorical music video, altogether an amalgamation of offbeat, illusory sights and sounds.

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