Light Pierces Darkness on Canyon City's Gorgeous New Single, "Shadows" (premiere)

Photo: Jordan Merrigan

The sun pierces through a long period of darkness on the folk artist's delicately-crafted "Shadows".

Many of us are taking this new year as an opportunity to reflect on our lives thus far, in both the good and the bad. With this reflection often comes revitalization — a personal recognition of hope in spite of any hardships. Nashville folk artist Canyon City embraces a similar idea on his new single, "Shadows". It's a delicately-crafted, subtly optimistic tune about light shining through the darkness. Layers of light, dreamy synths and acoustic guitar permeate the record, giving it a spacious atmosphere that naturally lends itself to the song's healing intentions.

Paul Johnson, the man behind the moniker, explains: "'Shadows' is a tune I wrote shortly after the Constellation record released in October, and though to me it rides similar themes of tension, it's more than anything a picture of the daybreak after a long darkness."

"I think there's a lot of beauty in transition spaces—sunrise & sunset, spring & fall, beaches & horizons—and in 'Shadows' I'm reflecting on personal struggles between mental illness & peace. I think a lot of people are fighting unseen battles, and though I maybe sing this song more to myself than anything, I think the tag, 'it's time to feel the light,' however that looks, whatever darkness you've endured getting there, is worth hearing - that the sun will indeed rise."

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