Captain Squeegee  - 'Harmony Cure' (EP stream) (premiere)

Mesa, Arizona's finest issues eclectic, dramatic, mercurial and thoroughly enjoyable EP that cements the group's reputation as bright young hopefuls.

Captain Squeegee issues its new EP, Harmony Cure on January 26 via 80/20 Records. The eclectic seven-piece Mesa, Arizona does its hometown proud with a particular and peculiar sense of humor and penchant for musical exploration that's distinctly charming. (Throw in a dose of the psychedelic experience and you begin to fully appreciate the musical and emotional deepness present.) From the askance rhythms and ethereal melodicism of "Just a Brain" to the smooth theatricality of "Smile Shield", this outfit can seemingly do no wrong.

Vocalist Danny Torgersen adds, "With this EP we wanted to blast-out a bold jolt of squeegee lightning. Five short banger songs, showcasing some of our favorite genre-planets. From funk, to ska, to prog, to rock, to jazz… Boom-Boom-Boom, Squeegee-splosion. The last two records were full-length escapades, so this new collection will be a fun & easy red-pill to swallow, with even deeper psychedelic effects on the soul."

The group worked with producer/engineer Bob Hoag (the Format, the Ataris) on this quintet of delectable bites, creating a dramatic and memorable that leaves the listener mourning the EP's all-too-quick passing. It's records such as Harmony Cure that make the EP craze seem worthwhile, sensible. And if "Ghost Ships" doesn't make you sentimental, thirsty for a frothy brew and convinced that the good Captain is your new favorite band, you've probably been abducted by aliens, had your senses erased and are now living in a remote village in deepest reaches of some dust-covered planet at the outer limits of time.

Captain Squeegee, you can call it hyperbole or suggest that it's just our newfound fandom talking but, Captain, you should probably sit down. We think we love you.

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