Carly Van Skaik – “Blue Diamond Eyes” (audio) (premiere)

Carly Van Skaik unveils Mazzy Star-evoking tune ahead of debut EP's release.

Her debut EP hasn’t even been released yet, but Hollywood-based songwriter Carly Van Skaik is already making waves. A remixed version of the eponymous mini record’s lead single, “Blue Diamond Eyes”, appeared in a March 6 episode of Showtime’s Shameless and the original recording is due to appear on SyFy’s The Magicians on March 28.

Here though, ahead of the EP’s March 24 release, is the official unveiling of the song in its entirety. Nocturnally opulent, it has that smoky vibe of emanating from a speakeasy, Van Skaik serving as a captivating chanteuse. Its understated baroque pop is most immediately reminiscent of Mazzy Star with its dreamlike sweep and anachronistic aura.

“‘Blue Diamond Eyes’ is about my great grandmother Betty Burgess who was a well-known actress and singer in the 1930s,” Van Skaik said. “She was this little spitfire of a woman who was breaking the boundaries of what it meant to be a woman during that time and she was the one who really taught me how to see the world as an artist and to be disciplined but unapologetic about it.”


1. Behind the Velvet Curtain

2. Blue Diamond Eyes

3. Damien

4. Dark Ages

5. Blue Diamond Eyes (DAKTYL Remix)

6. Blue Diamond Eyes (VARA Remix)