With 'Freaking Out!' Caroline Kole Realizes Her Pop Potential (album stream) (premiere)

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Caroline Kole hits her stride through the infectious, reflective pop of her new EP, Freaking Out!.

It's been nearly a decade since Caroline Kole was discovered, wowing the country icon Reba McEntire and securing herself a place in the genre. She was 13 then. Impressive as her precocious country was, it's in the pop landscape that Kole has truly spread her wings. That isn't to say that she's removed herself entirely from her roots. Her new EP, Freaking Out!, attests to that.

Leading up to the EP's 4 October release, Kole has already released three singles—"Karma", "Missing Each Other", and "Easy". Each has impressed. "Karma" is feel-good, summery pop tune notable for its undulating bassline and hopeful acerbity. "Missing Each Other" sinks its roots into listeners with an atmospheric, electropop-driven lick of paint, while Kole reflects on the push-and-pull of a relationship held with someone who is her exact opposite. "Easy" hits its mark somewhere between the other productions, both thematically and musically. An infectious, sing-along chorus paves the way to a bridge that fully accentuates the pop singer's commanding vocal prowess.

Freaking Out!'s three singles make up just half of the EP. Kole leaves room to further impress with the EP's titular opener, as well as on "Heart Break Lights" and "Should Have Known". Featuring optimistic acoustic guitar, "Freaking Out" is a reflective pop tune that caters to her country roots. As much of a pop song as it is, wistful lyricism and acoustic tones meet a swath of airy, rhythmic synths that set her between realms. "Heart Break Lights" starts with crunchy, lo-fi melodies that permeate the track as its backdrop while nostalgia-driven disco takes the floor. Lyrically, it's punchy, sarcastic, and frank, showcasing Kole's contagious personality at its forefront with a stellar vocal delivery. "Should Have Known" is a matured ballad that closes out the EP. Spacious production leaves ample room for Kole to bare her heart and soar.

Freaking Out! is available to pre-save now.

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