Casey Buckley - "Moment of Silence" (video) (premiere)

The singer-songwriter looks back on his youth in this new video.

Singer-songwriter Casey Buckley released his new album Take the Good a couple weeks ago, and now he's just put out a video for the vivid ballad "Moment of Silence".

"'Moment of Silence' is in many ways a retrospective on my college years and, by extension, my youth," Buckley explains. "At times told through the lens of a relationship that has ended, it calls for an objective look at life and a realistic view of the future. The chorus ending of, 'This is no time to be proud' should not be taken as a negative sentiment. It isn't meant to cut down the speaker in the song. Instead, it asks for an honest view of a situation. People have a tendency to overstate the positive and, as a defensive mechanism, place more emphasis on past achievements during self-reflection. 'Moment of Silence' highlights the notion that introspection's true value lies in a humble approach.

"I worked with videographer Alex DePew to create a music video that was simple, yet effective, in conveying the overarching theme of 'Moment of Silence'. A moment of introspection often coincides with a point of inflection in life. In the case of this video, that point is the process of packing up a college room as one gets ready to enter the 'real world'. As anyone who has experienced the graduation and move-out process can attest to, one can very easily get caught up in a great deal of reflection. Ultimately, however, the moment passes and life goes on, but that period of contemplation, however brief, can be significant forever."

Purchase Take the Good via iTunes.

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