Cataline - 'Turing Test' (EP stream) (premiere)

The Los angeles band is set to release a five-track EP of vibrant, colorful indie pop.

The brainchild of musician Brent Puls, Los Angeles project Cataline draws heavily from not only the likes of Passion Pit and M83, but classic 1980s electropop/new wave as well. Baltimora, anyone? At any rate, Cataline has a new EP called Turing Test coming out on 6 November, and you can stream the effervescent five-track record below.

"Turing Test is an album about wonder and fascination with the simple act of being alive," Puls tells PopMatters. "I wanted to create an album that invoked the feeling a cosmonaut might feel the moment they stepped off of the spaceship onto an alien planet, and discovered the ruins of some kind of civilization.”

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