Cedar Teeth - 'Farewell to Green Mountain' (album stream) (premiere)

Photo: David Greenwald

Cedar Teeth follow in the footsteps of Dispatch and Lord Huron by adeptly riding the line between folk and rock 'n' roll.

In the same vein as the indie hit-makers who’ve broken into the mainstream like Dispatch, Cedar Teeth is an up-and-coming band chockful of vibrant multi-instrumentalists and performers who dare to soar. On their latest, Farewell to Green Mountain, the collective is more inventive than ever, invoking influences that deftly jump between rollicking folk and anthem-filling rock riffs and choruses. They’re glued together as a compelling musical outlet by the gritty, lilting vocals of grunge-influenced frontman Dylan Martell, who has this to say about the EP:

"With Farewell to Green Mountain we really wanted to double down on the eclecticism of our debut album Hoot. We're all influenced and inspired by the music and songwriting of our region, the various strands of grunge, pop, folk and Americana, and with Farewell to Green Mountain the only rule we followed as we explored each song was to keep the music honest to ourselves and to speak with a voice that genuinely reflects the Pacific Northwest.

"Most of the songs emerged from a period of transition giving Farewell to Green Mountain a reflective quality throughout. Songs like 'Cancer' and 'Momma's Mourning' explore themes which tie us together and tear us apart, through local stories of people and places that are marked by both tragedy and resilience, while 'Echoes Grounding' turns to the internal struggles of preserving the self, as we seek connection during stages of change and upheaval. 'Winter' has been four years in the making, and we chose it as our final track for its deep undercurrent of hope that rises to the surface in rebellion. Just how the cold, gray and endless rain of the Pacific NW season finally does give way each spring."

Farewell to Green Mountain is set to release on 9 June.

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