Chamomile & Whiskey - "Nelson County" (video) (premiere)

Photo: Aaron Farrington

This feel-good, down-home Americana tune has a music video to match.

Ahead of an album release, Virginia-based Americana band Chamomile & Whiskey are sharing their latest single, "Nelson County". The tune, steeped in equal parts bluegrass and Irish folk influences, is an energetic ode to the place that they call home.

There is something to be said about a band that can create a song that is altogether so traditional, yet innovative. With a classic country beat, they infuse the tune with a streak of progressive, orchestral rock while hailing to Americana traditions in regards to their rootsy instrumental choices and subject matter. It's a rollicking, feel-good tune that gets you up on your feet, and its down-home music video accentuates that.

Chamomile & Whiskey frontwoman Marie Borgman says, "It was a lot of fun making the video for 'Nelson County'. Koda and I both grew up there, and it's an important place for the band. We didn't want anything too complicated just to portray the things we love doing: swimming in the Rockfish River, playing music on the porch, driving backroads and taking in the views. The locations are some of our favorite spots, including our drummer Stuart's house. It was easy -- we need to make a video so let's throw a party."

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